Best Ping Pong Table Reviews Revealed (August 2018)

Buying a ping pong table is not child’s play. It requires a vast amount of research and precision. Why are you worrying of doing research we are bringing you all the comfort of “scroll” and “glance” at the features, price and some of pros & cons of world’s best ping pong table with the help of few clicks!

best ping pong table

You may not be necessarily a pro-ping pong player but definitely a ping pong lover. Thus, the affection to have your ping pong table draws you here. It depends whether you need it for indoor gaming or the outdoor gaming. When you set out to acquire your desire you peek through your budget quickly, isn’t it? Well, we have combined the reviews of the best indoor and outdoor ping pong tables along with their features for you.

Best Ping Pong Table Reviews

The best ping pong table reviews also include the recommendations that would filter out your dilemma and sort out the confusion in you. Towards the end of the discussion, some FAQs would answer your queries that might be popping your mind.

Let’s begin with the indoor tables:

Top ten indoor ping pong tables

The need for an indoor table arises when you have enough space in your home to accommodate the ping pong table inside the house or the office. Thus, if you feel like having an indoor ping pong table then go ahead and have a look at these:


Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table

Butterfly centerfold is the professional grade ping pong table designed by the engineers keeping in mind the demand of customers. This is the number one table regarding texture, sturdiness, and design. The Amazon rating has given it flying five stars. This is the only table that comes with five years of warranty period.

No matter whether you know the game or not Butterfly centerfold has scratch resistant tabletop, therefore, play without the fear of damage to the table. This one-inch thick scratch-proof feature makes it the best ping pong table in the market today. You can get ready to play as the delivery is placed at your doorstep since the table comes almost assembled. The table top comes in two color choices and is 25mm thick which is best for the ball bounce and durability.

We know our homes are already packed with other furniture and storage is the big issue that arises but then I feel elated to see the table can be rolled and folded in a very compact and sturdy manner also comes with the latch for safety purpose.

Some of the features

  • The table is ITTF approved for the top level tournaments.
  • The table is fully assembled, and no assembly is required.
  • Butterfly centrefold 25 gives warranty period of five years.
  • The table top is 25mm thick for the strong bounce.
  • The table has five inches locking rubber wheels.


  • It is perfect for the high-performance quality tournament.
  • It lasts for many years that is more than ten.


  • It is expensive no doubt.


Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table

If you are a real tennis player, then you will realize the super quality of Killerspin. The high-end design is manufactured for the premium performance. It has the unique and all new arched aluminum plated base. I must say this is the perfect combo of design and quality that makes it the best ping pong table for indoor games. Do you know the Killerspin has been featured in world-class competitions? It is because this stable is the model of performance and aesthetics. The solid steel frame around the Killerspin ping pong table makes it sturdy and durable giving you the steady bounce on the entire table.

If you ask why everybody love this table, then let me simplify your doubt you, frankly speaking, the Killerspin have made their table simple enough to set up and comfortable enough to apart. The two sets can be effortlessly put together, and you are ready to play. The table top comprised of 22mm medium fiberboard and 16 layers repeat roller coating for glare reducing, mark resistant and eliminates the dead spot. This makes it favorite among the top athletes and even celebrities.

Features at a glance

  • It has unique engineered quality material with high-end design
  • The table has a single arched aluminum-plated base for stability.
  • It has 22mm medium density fiberboard (MDF) top
  • The table top comprised of 16 layer repeat roller coating (RRC) for glare reducing.
  • The heavy-duty steel frame makes it durable and sturdy.
  • The Killerspin includes apex net and steel post system.
  • It has the two-piece design that is ready to use within minutes.


  • It has premium show-stopping design that you may hardly get anywhere.
  • The unique arch base gives it a sharp look.
  • The price and quality both have a good match.


  • There are no cons for this table as such to suggest


 STIGA InstaPlay

If you are asking me to review the best ping pong table and that too at an affordable price, then I would suggest you STIGA instaPlay. This indoor table is best for recreation at home. It is easy to store and sets up quickly. Interestingly, the table has the ¾ inch thick top for the excellent playability. You will definitely love it provided you are a part-time player. It can handle and withstand your toughest shot without chipping the surface.

They have provided the black protector on the edges for the extra safety and to prevent scratches and snags. You don’t have to worry for the scratches on the floor as the legs of STIGA are capped with plastic. On the other hand, the table has 2-inch strong legs for a solid base. You can easily shift the table from one room to separate as it has ball bearing wheels for smooth transportability. The wheels come with a lock that keeps the table from shaking while you play.

Stiga ping pong table is great for the indoor gaming; you can challenge your friends to a game of table tennis also you can polish your skills and sharpen them with the playback position. Besides, the table is very easy to store with roll and fold. It won’t occupy much of your space as you fold and store it anywhere you feel comfortable.

Some of the highlighted feature

It has two inches legs and three inches ball bearing wheels with locks.

  • It has two inches of steel aprons with corner protectors.
  • It has 66inches net and post set schedule to make it complete competition ready.
  • ¾ inches table top with smooth silkscreen.
  • It is easy to fold and store.
  • It has patented InstaPlay Technology.


  • The thick table top is excellent for the bouncing.
  • It is much easier to assemble the table.


  • The plastic corner cap is cheap; the table stands weakly and aesthetically displeasing.
  • The white lines along the edge of the table are not straight.
  • It is heavy and bulky.




 JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table

JOOLA tournament quality indoor table is best in not only in features but also in the quality of materials used. Joola ping pong table is the best ping pong table for anyone who is looking for the fun-filled game of table tennis at an affordable price. You are ready to play within 15 minutes as 95% of the parts come pre-assembled. How cool it is! You don’t have to work too hard to get the table assembled and sweat hours in planning to put it together.

The top surface of the table is combined with specialized grade wood for the consistent ball bounce and durability. The table can be folded quickly when not in use, and one of the beautiful features that I carve for is the storage. Joola indoor table requires less space to store as compared to others. If you don’t have anyone to play with you, don’t be upset the Joola indoor table caters everybody’s need with single playback mode in which you can unfold the one half, and you are ready to play. This table is fantastic when it comes to reviewing the ping pong tables.

People of all age loved the table be it office goers or the five-year-old kid due to is majestic blue color. Paint and designs are flawless. Joola claims that they have built the table for champions and trust me when I say this they have withstood all the odds in giving the experience of a champion. It is perfect for your home office or community center.

Some of the highlighted feature

It has 15mm medium density fiberboard multi-layered painted surface for ball bounce.

  • It has four wheel trolley systems making it easy to fold.
  • It has locking wheels that provide the safe and unshakable play.
  • Competition grade of 9X5 foot regulations sizes indoor table.
  • It has a Tournament score net that is an easy, secure design for simple attachment.
  • The 95% of the table comes pre-assembled, and further, it takes fifteen minutes to adjust the table.
  • It has thick legs for the level playing and smooth gaming.
  • The Joola table and net set are USSAT approved.


  • It is easy to set up and very quick to assemble all the parts.
  • It is super on the wheels and gives the flat surface needed for the play.
  • It is lightweight and could be easily carried by two men.


  • There should be an attached ball holder along the table as others.



 JOOLA 15mm Tour 1500 Indoor Table Tennis Table

Joola 15mm Tour 1500 Indoor ping pong table is easy to assemble, and USATT approved quality table. This is the best ping pong table that provides reliable level play. The table is endowed with the thick legs that give the level playing surface. The Joola table ensures you get the tournament to feel while you enjoy the game with your near and dear ones.

Interestingly, you can both place it in your basement or the hall and take all the pleasure of ping-pong game. The tabletop is made up of wood that gives optimum consistency and bounces to the ball. The game is not so easy to play and requires the more and more practice; therefore Joola had taken care of your solo practice even. You can effortlessly fold the table into halves and put it in the playback position.

Furthermore, the table has an automatic locking mechanism that locks the wheels and prevents the table from wobbling. This is the best ping pong 2018 because of its affordable price and premium quality.

Some of the highlighted features

  • It has playback position for the solo players.
  • The table top is 15mm thick multi-layered patented surface.
  • It has independent half of the table that can be folded and stored in a very compact manner.
  • It is easy to assemble the table as most of the work is already done by the manufacturer.


  • It is sturdy and very easy to adjust for the flat levels.
  • It is lightweight and simple enough to assemble.


  • The quality of the net is not that good.


 Cornilleau 500M Crossover Indoor/Outdoor Blue Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau 500M crossover is the all-weather best ping pong table in the market today. It would be tough to say how long it lasts but yes I am pretty sure of its five years durability. It has a peculiar look on its large double wheels of almost eight inches.

It is weatherproof as it has a galvanized steel frame that prevents it from rusting and corroding. The polyester coated net, in addition, protects it from the weather. The cornilleau has an anti-glare finish that provides proper ball adherence. The ball and racket storage on each side of table added a golden feather in its cap. The table features large double size wheels of almost eight inches with notched tread.

This weatherproof ping pong table serves the dual purpose like it can be used in the indoor as well as outdoor games. Moreover, the new retractable net involuntarily reduces the storage space. Storage is the biggest headache, but cornilleau has put its best foot forward in manufacturing the design so much user-friendly. They have given the transport handle at the sides so that it can be easily transported without any efforts. Though it doesn’t come assembled, it folds up quickly without putting much labor into it.

Some of the highlighted features

  • It has 7mm laminated surface for the perfect bounce of the ball
  • The wheels are doubling large of 8inches in size with notched tread
  • It has adjustable legs that can be locked to provide the required balance and support even on the rough surface
  • The table has the ball and racket holder
  • ¼ inches Galvanized steel frame and polyester coated net set to protect it from the harsh atmosphere.
  • The table can be placed indoor as well as outdoor
  • It is safe and easy to fold and storage or playback
  • The table is manufactured in France, and the surface is patented with MATTOP


  • It is lightweight and easy to transport
  • The table has a ball and racket holder for the convenience of the player while playing


  • Though, it is not scratch resistant


JOOLA Tour 2500 Indoor Table Tennis Table

When we talk of Joola tour the name itself build the trust and reliability in mind but don’t be carried away by the goodwill we are here you give you the reviews as to which one is the best ping pong table in the market today.

Joola tour 2500 indoor table is ideal for the home, office or the community center that you are thinking of placing it. The table is designed specifically for the indoor environment such as the problem of white ant. This ping pong table is supported by thick legs made up of steel. The tabletop has a professional thickness of 25mm for the strong and long-lasting bounce.

Like all other Joola brand, this too has similar features of an anti-tilting system, playback position, etc. the difference lies in the thickness of the surface Joola tour 2500 gives more consistency and bounce to the ball than other tabletops. The surface of this ping pong table is ten times more durable than the previous model. It comes in the price range of $700- $1000.

Features at a glance

  • Assembling the table is easy.
  • The table has 25mm thick medium density fiberboard.
  • It has wheels at the end of the legs for mobility and foldable table for compact storage.
  • It is officially approved by the USATT for the tabletop.


  • The designs are excellent and easy to install the table.


  • The wheels are not that effective in locking the legs of the table


JOOLA Tour 1800 Indoor Table Tennis Table

Have you ever run into quality and economy ping pong table at the same time? If yes, then you should apply your brakes immediately because this is the best ping pong table concerning indoor gaming. It is not an easy task to find the perfect and the best ping pong table reviews. The ping pong table requires great precision in handling in the furniture.

The JOOLA brands sound similar but carry huge difference between their playing and handling experience. If your inquisitive mind and dazzling eyes are looking for something that is affordable and strong enough to last long, then, Joola tour 1800 can fulfill this criterion. Joola tour 1800 is the best ping pong table regarding quality and storage.

Some of the assemblings has been done, and some are left for you to complete by joining the two separate halves. The separate halves are of great use when you practice as you can use it in playback mode. This technique would not only sharpen your game but also keeps you busy when you don’t have anyone to play with you. Though it has many features, the most important ones are discussed.

Some other features

  • The table has galvanized steel legs and dual anti-tilting lock at the end to prevent the sudden opening and closing of the table.
  • The table, as well as net set both, are approved by the USATT.
  • The table surface is 18mm thick multi-layered and original wooden composition.
  • The folding halves sit on four wheels that help in mobility and better storage.


  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • They have not given any warranty period though it lasts longer.


 JOOLA Rally TL 300

When you shop for the indoor table, it is pretty sure that you look for durability and economy. Joola Rally TL 300 offers the best ping pong table for homes with the charcoal top that ensures the stability. The charcoal tabletop provides the exceptional bounce and strength. The table has three-inch caster wheels to move the table from one place to another as it is easy to store also. The wheels come with the locking feature so that the table won’t wobble while you play.

The safety latch is also included in the table to keep the table in the upright position and prevent it from opening accidentally. Joola Rally is the best ping pong table under 300 as it has a bucket full of features. The separate halves can be used as a playback position, fold the one half and here it is ready for the solo players. Everything in the Joola Rally TL 300 is so perfect that you don’t have to give a second thought to it. You are getting a superb indoor ping pong table at such a premium price. The net set has got ideal tension and is even adjustable according to the requirement.

The table is easy and quick to assemble as 95% comes pre-assembled. The table surface is made up of quality material and is mainly of wood and steel.

Some of the highlighted features

  • It has strong 1.5-inch powder coated legs with rubber levelers that keep your floor scratch free.
  • It has 15mm medium density fiberboard with the multi-layered painted surface.
  • The table also features the corner ball holder and the abacus scorer.
  • It can be easily unfolded for the solo play and table sits on the four wheels.
  • The 1.5-inch apron helps to provide the bounce across the entire table.
  • It gives you the tournament quality at home with competition 9X5 grade.


  • The table has all the accessories needed like the ball holder abacus scorer.
  • It is affordable and quality laded.


  • The wooden tabletop is not much desired and long lasting as compared to the others.


Kettler Top Star XL

Blue color has the magic to set everybody to play. Kettler top star XL is the indoor plus outdoor ping pong table. The one thing that we found lucrative is the table top, and this feature would make it best ping pong table regarding attractive top surface. However, looking at the features, you can notice the table top has climate control technology. The weather won’t stop you from the recreating.

They have taken care of the safety mechanism as most of the times the table accidentally gets open and this can hurt anybody; to prevent this casualty Kettler has included a dual lock for dual safety. The table has much heavier metal legs and great design indeed it is cumbersome to assemble the table. It takes up to two hours to assemble it but then it is fun to do that.

It is a universal truth that we have furniture and appliance more than the spaces in our house, and thus we need to store them. Kettler top star XL comes with a low center of gravity, therefore, has the compact storage. As they have said the table has space saver technology and this is the proof of the fact as it has perfect storage capacity. The table gives you a tournament ready platform.

Features at a glance:

  • It has an ultra smooth and anti-reflective which is certified truce bounce tournament top.
  • It has 7/8 inches weatherproof patented top with climate-control technology.
  • It has DLS dual lock system for ultra-safety.
  • For easy and safe mobility it has big five 1/2inches dual wheels.


  • The table surface is excellent regarding looks as well as concerning ball bounce and durability.
  • The dual lock is incredible when it comes to safety.


  • No doubt it is bulky to assemble. Those who claim it is easy then I must say they are experienced at doing this


JOOLA Rally TL 500

Joola Rally TL 500 is the most quality proof and economic ping pong table that we found in the market of best ping pong tables. The economy plus the quality is the rare phenomenon that we get in the one table; despite the fact, we found Joola perfect for this category.

When the weather blocks you from enjoying your holidays, switch to indoor ping pong table. The Joola Rally TL 500 is the professional grade table that offers the experience of ping pong king while you play like a pro. Joola Rally TL 500 serves the multi-purpose as it is used as an entertainment table at your party. It also cares of the floor as it has rubber levelers attached to its legs to escape scratching or damaging the floor tiles.

Joola ping pong indoor table also comes with the racquet holder and abacus scorer. This adds simplicity to your game as you play the abacus scorer will help in awarding the points. Overall, the ping pong table has great features for everybody who wants to play. I must say this is the best ping pong table under $500 in the indoor category.

Some of the features at a glance

  • It has separate halves for the playback positions and four wheels attached for mobility.
  • It is a competition grade 9X5 regulation size indoor table with the black tabletop.
  • It is easy to install as most of the installation has been done by the company.
  • It has steel legs and leg height adjusters.
  • It is room friendly and suitable for every floor.


  • It has excellent quality and craftsmanship.
  • It is economical and fits every pocket.


  • There are no cons available till now to suggest.


Top ten outdoor ping pong tables

The outdoor table has its place in the ping pong tables. It is suitable for your lawn or backyards in the muddy or grassy area. Look at some of the ping pong tables that withstand all odds.



When you look for the best ping pong table outdoor, then durability is the indispensable feature that comes along. Stiga XTR is specifically designed to withstand all the elements of the weather. The net features the finest all-weather playability and stability. On the other hand, they have given the post along with threaded clap for the easy on and off.

Stiga XTR provides the all-weather aluminum tabletop that is supported by steel apron and lined with silk screening. All these efforts have been made to make it rust resistant and prevent it from sun damage. Skip the stress of assembling the table you can do that in less than ten minutes as 95% of the table comes pre-assembled. The legs have adjustable levelers that give the level playing table on any terrain.

The table can be folded into half for the playback practice. It comes almost ready to be placed in your backyard. Have a blast with the stiga outdoor table as its blue color matches perfectly with the dark background. You can also free up space by folding the table into ultra compact storage.

Some of the highlighted feature:

  • It has all-weather aluminum top
  • It is rust resistant, resistant to sun damage and waterproof.
  • The net post set includes with string tension adjustment.
  • It has locking wheels to give perfect play.
  • Assembling within ten minutes is easy.
  • It has a safety latch system.
  • The steel legs are welded and also have adjustable height levelers.


  • The table occupies very less space when stored.
  • It worth the price.


  • The corners of the table are sharp which may hurt you badly.



The name Joola is enough to build the excitement for the game. This ping pong table is manufactured keeping in mind all the minute details of the player. Joola Nova DX gives you the tournament quality at your doorstep and that too in your backyard or the field where you will place it. Being the outdoor table, it comes with the waterproof materials. The table top is resistant to heat and dust also is it rust free. When you want to practice and make yourself stronger than your contender, then don’t go anywhere you have the option to put the table into playback position, and you are all set to hit the table.

The net set features classic screw design and net tensioning system. The table when folded into half it sits on the four wheels that enhance it transportability and storing capacity. The three-inch heavy-duty caster wheel glides easily no matter what terrain you are taking it. I can really say this is the best table under $500 because you not only getting affordability but also the quality of keeping it outdoor. Besides, the table comes with a period of two years of warranty that ensures the best performance.

Features at a glance:

  • The tabletop is 6mm thick and sits son 30x30mm rust resistant and powder coated undercarriage.
  • It is sturdy and quick to assemble as it takes only fifteen minutes.
  • It has tournament quality surface that prevents the chipping or scratching of the surface.
  • It has separate halves for the playback mode.


  • It is wonderful when comes to the price.


  • The table is lightweight which is of little concern in the airy atmosphere.


Stiga Outdoor

Challenge your friends or family under the sunny day or cloudy atmosphere with the outdoor ping pong match. Stiga outdoor ping pong table gives you all the thrill and excitement on the table that would elate you to play again and again. Stiga outdoor tabletop is composite of aluminum plastic construction with 6mm thick tabletop.

If you feel like sharpening your skills or you don’t have anyone to accompany you in the game, you can play in your company where you are the sole contender competing yourself, and this is possible with Stiga’s playback position. Stiga outdoor ping pong table is the best ping pong table is incredible regarding composition, color and weather specification. The white lines on the tabletop allow you to take shot correctly.

Coming to the features, it can withstand all the weather conditions be it rain, storm, hail or the scorching sun. The tabletop won’t fade or scarp it will remain unaffected. The table can be quickly installed without much effort as most of the installation is already done by the manufacturers. Another feature you can use the tabletop for the party or serving the energy drinks.

Let’s glance at the features:

  • The trolley system has 0.75inches ball bearing wheels with a locking mechanism that adds to the stability and transport.
  • The ping pong table is prepared with steel legs and leg levelers for the stability.
  • It also features the anti-tilting action for the enhanced bounce and game experience.
  • It is weatherproof and rust-resistant.
  • It is a multi-purpose table.


  • The table has a very good bounce and consistency.
  • It is simple to pull apart the table when not in use.


  • There are no cons as such, but people have reported the customer service is not up to the mark.


Kettler Axos 1

When you shop for Kettler Axos 1, you don’t have to roam around for anything else because they provide you everything needed in one bag. This ping pong table has non-glare waterproof aluminum top and ALU-TEC climate control technology to protect it from the rough and harsh environment.

Kettler features the best ping pong table as it is certified by the German technology and gives out the wonderful results. They are giving the warranty on any damage occurred to the table. It has patented safety lock and dual lock for the rigidity and stability. Kettler has designed their table in such a manner that it is very convenient and compact for the storage even. The steel legs are galvanized in the way to prevent the corrosion and protect the table from UV rays.

Though, it is not so simple to assemble and install the table. According to the customer reviews, it has been rated one of the highest in the most recommended column.

Highlighted features:

  • It has a waterproof design and a non-glare aluminum top.
  • It is German made ping pong table that offers tournament quality bounce.
  • It is convenient to install and come with all the necessary accessories.
  • The Kettler provides the warranty on the damage and repair of the table.
  • It is foldable and safe with the dual lock system in the caster wheels.


  • It is reliable and sturdy ping pong table.
  • The aluminum surface is better than the wood surface.
  • The table is certified with the high technology that builds the trust of the customer.


  • The table creates the complexion in the installation.


Kettler Match 5.0

While looking for the best ping pong, we came across the Kettler Match 5.0. This ping pong table has all the features needed for the outdoor table, but the difference lies in color. Kettler match 5.0 has the green top giving a beautiful appearance to the ping pong table. Moreover, it has the dual lock system that prevents the table from shaking while you play giving you the stable and perfect match.

You can place it anywhere either on your lawn or the backyard and challenge your friends for the ping pong matches. The table has no wide gap where you fear your ball to drop in. Also, you can enjoy the solo play with the playback option. I personally liked the apron design cradles at table top to resist wrapping.


  • It is certified tournament bounce for the unmatched quality and performance.
  • It has the patented safety fold with dual lock system.
  • It has the net that can be adjusted for the height and tension.
  • It also includes the racquet and ball holder along the sides.
  • It has unique water-based paint and topcoats that are UV rays resistant and prevent the color to fade.


  • The playing surface is great, and the table is lightweight.
  • It is durable and of course last longer.


  • The installation is the only problem that creates havoc for the user.


JOOLA Rally TL 300

Joola Rally TL 300 is the most popular table among the people of all age and group. Joola rally is the best ping pong table when it comes to the price and quality. When we talk of quality, Joola provides the tournament quality as the table has the regulation size of the 9X5 foot. The tabletop is made of wood material, and legs are made of steel. The table has been designed to counter all the weather conditions.

This ping pong table s quick to assemble as most of the assembling is done by the packing industry. It is reliable and robust regarding the strength of the material and tools. You don’t have to go anywhere as you are getting the complete package and accessories in the same bag. The table has a corner storage and abacus holder, so you don’t have to keep calculating the score.

The joola outdoor ping pong table adds style and fashion to your lawn along with the entertainment of the game. It is very good for the beginners; if you are not the one who plays often, then you may consider buying it. It is a hassle-free table with unique designs and attractive features.

Some highlighted features:

  • It has a unique black charcoal top with corner ball holders and abacus scorer.
  • The corner holder can hold ball up to 340mm of size.
  • The Joola ping pong table and net set are USSAT approved.
  • The table features the anti-tilting device for the extra safety.
  • The 95% of the table comes pre-assembled.
  • It has 15mm medium density fiberboard with patented safety.


  • It is pretty cheap plus gives a perfect quality.


  • There are no safety covers on the edge to prevent fingers from hurting.


Kettler Top Star XL

Kettler top Star XL is the outdoor ping pong table with all new look and unique ALU-TEC top with climate control technology. The table is weatherproof, ultra-smooth and has the anti-reflective technology. You can play with your wife, son or daughter be it your neighbor; you can provoke anybody for the game in your backyard where you feel comfortable. Also, it has the compact storage feature that won’t eat up most of your space.

Moreover, if you want to sharpen your skills, you can do that by solo practice with the playback position where you have to pull apart the independent parts and keep one of them in an upright position. It is superior to those wood pressed tables that dampen after limited use. I would highly recommend this ping pong table for the outdoor sport.

Some of the highlighted features:

  • It has space saver technology as it requires less space for the storage.
  • It is weatherproof and has climate control technology.
  • It has DLS dual lock safety mechanism that prevents the table from accidental opening.
  • The steel legs have 5 ½ inches caster wheel for safe mobility.
  • It has certified truce bounce tournament top.
  • It has 7 inches patented blue top.


  • The aluminum frame at the tabletop is wonderful and extremely excellent.


  • The locking and latch of the wheels are not appreciable.
  • It not that easy to assemble the table.


KETTLER Outdoor 10

Kettler outdoor ten is known for its weatherproof technology with patented wrap-design. All the accessories come in one place you don’t have go and search for every product. The Kettler outdoor ten is entirely weatherproof as it can withstand any weather be it biting cold or horrible heat. The tabletop color won’t fade away, and the legs are galvanized thus won’t get rusted and corroded.

Most of the table has edgy corners that hurt while plying but Kettler has soft covered removable corner protectors for the safe transportation and play. No matter where you place your table in grass or rocks it has floor leveler to level the table. It has three play positions that can be adjusted according to the needs. In a nutshell, the table is worth its price and best ping pong table for the outdoor game.

Some of the features:

  • It is sealed with aluminum top composite if ALU-TEC climate control technology.
  • It has an easy single-hand locking system
  • It is a German product that has three play positions
  • It has compact storage with floor levelers.
  • It has a ball box on each side for collecting the ball.
  • It comes with all the accessories necessary for the game.


  • The ball storage and bounce of the table are perfect.
  • It is a small packet with big surprises; the accessories are an additional loveable feature


  • It is expensive that is not suitable for every pocket.


Kettler Champ 5.0

This German manufactured table has all the features that can make it the bests ping pong table for the outdoor games. It has a non-glare waterproof aluminum top that makes it strong and prevents it against all weather conditions. The legs of the table are galvanized and protected to avoid it from rusting and corroding. Additionally, the table provides you with all the accessories needed for the game at one place.

The best feature of Kettler is that they provide the money back guarantee and also the warranty for the damage repairs. The guidebook included is helpful enough to take you through the journey of installing the table flawlessly.

Moreover, the table has floor leveler, racquet holder, and ball holder. A lot of features in the one excite the player to take a few shots. Enjoy and develop your skills while you play ping pong with your family from sunrise to sunset.

Features at a glance:

  • Assembling the table and all the accessories is easy.
  • You can fold both the halves to store it more compactly.
  • It has a waterproof design that prevents it from the rainy season
  • It has ALU-TEC technology for the climate control.
  • It has galvanized steel legs to protect it from corrosion.
  • The table board features the patented locking mechanism for the prevention of sudden opening and closing of the table.


  • It has certified weatherproof technology.
  • It is easy to assemble though nothing comes as pre-assembled still the installation was quite simple.


  • It is not the leveled table at the surface.


 Cornilleau 250S

The Cornilleau Sports 250S Outdoor ping pong table provides much of the same improvement and smart structure of the previous version, but with a somewhat similar price. It is a well-built and easy to move ping pong table that is this ping pong table provides the easy mobility owing to the large caster wheels.

The playing surface is a 5mm cover with a MAT top finish, giving a superb bounce without the ball slipping off to other places. Though the side frame of the table is not as strong as its previous model but is still quite sturdy as it still uses galvanized steel that is the mixture of strength and style. Furthermore, this table also stores quickly, as well as easy to turn round on the rough surface.

The cornilleau 250S is the best ping pong table, on the other hand, it is more expensive than the tables that depend on an aluminum and plastic table top. The quality of play and fun on this table makes it worth it if you are looking for an outdoor ping pong table.

Some of the highlighted features:

  • It has resin laminated playing surface.
  • The ping pong table is designed to withstand all the weather conditions.
  • It has larger double wheels of almost 8 inches with notch tread.
  • It has racquet and ball storage on each side of the table.
  • The company is providing ten years of warranty on the manufactured parts of the table.



  • The quality of the material is good and easy to fold up.


  • It is a little expensive compared to others of the same quality.


Frequently asked questions

Question: What is the best material of which ping pong table is made up?

Answer: The top tables are made up of plywood, price-board, plastic, metal, concrete or fiberglass, but these materials can vary in the thickness of the table.

Question: Is the white line on the ping pong table out?

Answer: First of all the vertical sides are not a part of playing surface. Therefore if a ball hits the white line or top edge of the playing surface, it is “in” (good), but if it hits the vertical surface, it is “out”(bad).

Question: How big is the mid-size ping pong table?

Answer: The mid-size table is perfect for anyone who is playing the game, but the table is tight on space. It has the regulation height of 30 inches and length of 72 inches.

Question: Is it possible to get ping pong table below $400?

Answer: Yes, it is possible also you can through the indoor table reviews where you can find the table under 300.



As we have promised, to give you the ping pong table reviews plus the recommendations from the experts here are some of the critically analyzed judgments on the best ping pong table according to the price, quality, and storage. In terms of quality where the budget is no bar we suggest you go for Cornilleau 250S outdoor table. Without an iota of doubt, the table gives you great bounce, superb surface and perfect size all this comes under $1000.

If you are looking for the best ping pong table at an affordable price, then you must go for the Joola ping pong indoor table. Joola gives you the offer to have the ping pong table under $500. This table is specially designed for those who take the game very seriously; it meets all the standards of tournament and competition day.

If you are low on the budget, then you have another option left that is Stiga space saver. Stiga gives essential quality needed for the game under $300. The table promises lower price and higher quality as per its price. In fact, the lightweight of the table allows it to be pulled out anytime whenever you feel the mood to play. Though, Stiga has wooden tabletop which may not be liked by many therefore it is better to consider the test before buying it.



Ping pong is the game that can be a reason to bring family or friends once again together. The game requires best ping pong table, and we have reviewed scores of the table for you. It is very convenient to choose anyone among those and also learn something new.

Develop the opinion about your table and understand your conscience as you would only know how much space you have and where you are trying to accommodate it. Keep on ping-ponging and keep on playing! I hope the reviews were of great help to you.